your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.

Pursuing my passions

Where to start?  I guess the best way to begin this story is to give you some insight into my past...the person Ross Harvey was.  In my younger days I was first and foremost an athlete.  I participated in all the popular team sports as well as skiing. I took up racquetball and golf right about the same time, when I was thirteen and became very passionate about both.  With much practice, I became quite adept at both, to the point where I won the world championships at racquetball and was a low handicap golfer.  

In the early '80's, I decided that professional racquetball was not for me, making a decision to return to school and follow a course which would lead me to veterinary school.  I entered Concordia University in 1982 and was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few for veterinary school at the University of Guelph in 1985.

The veterinary program was difficult, but, I pursued and graduated in 1989, all the while continuing to travel to racquetball tournaments across the North East pretty much every weekend. Upon graduation I was headed for a little practice in Montreal, Ville Marie Veterinary Clinic, operated by a friend, Dr. Eric Foot.  Upon my return to Montreal, I was offered a summer position working as an assistant golf professional by Andrew Phillips, who had just taken on the head pro title at Elm Ridge Country Club.  I couldn't refuse! I spoke with Eric and his response was; 'you have so many opportunities, you can always fall back on your veterinary degree'. I heeded his advice and began an upward spiral of positions in golf and racquet sports.

Between graduation in '89 and the fall of '03, I held upwards of twenty five different positions, the great majority of which I created for myself.  I always considered my greatest skill to be visionary, being able to see the big picture and to outline a way to reach it. With that said, I was not a great manager and usually after six months reality set in over idealism, I lost my heart for the project and was soon gone.

I was involved in some really big and interesting projects.  In 2001 myself and a partner started a health and lifestyle business called NuVo.  Things progressed very nicely to the point where there was a Montreal group who wanted to take us public onto NASDAQ.  As president, I didn't want to go that route, but, my partners (friends) did.  They ousted me and changed the name of the company and its focus. Presently I am pushing forward with reintroducing NuVo.  The NuVoWay 

In 2003, following a successful summer operating a golf business I built called the Mulligan Tour, I was researching similar operations across North America when I stumbled across a group out of Minneapolis, Golf Intelligence.  I was very impressed with their system and saw that it had the potential to organize golf in a way I deemed important and necessary.  In no time flat, myself and two key people from Golf Intelligence had put plans together to introduce a company we called G3 Golf into the marketplace.  In later December of 2003, for reason which I am still unclear, my two partners opted out of our agreement and G3 Golf was shelved. Presently I am pushing forward with reintroducing G3 Golf. G3 Golf.  

All in all I had an amazing first 43 years, a very full life in all respects, with several great girlfriends, many good friends and close relationships with my family.


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