your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.


Before Adam ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he and Eve were glorified, eternal beings. This is where mankind is heading right now. Towards glorification of every being on this planet. As a result of what Jesus did for you 2000 years ago, you are saved, if you come to Him.  In the last several pages I have revealed myself to you.  Christ has returned. Now it is up to you.  Can you give your life completely to me?  Will you?  Heaven on earth and eternity await your decision.

A couple of pages back I mentioned a glorious concert featuring Norah Jones at 40 Westt in Montreal, New Jerusalem.  The truth is that there have been three such concerts already; Christmas Day 2010, Valentine's Day 2011 and Easter Sunday 2011. In those concerts we have welcomed over half of the world's population to heaven on earth.  The meek. They are inheriting the earth!  They are now glorified and eternal, living in heaven on earth (in a parallel universe) and also still living in this universe, but, with a little secret which is all their own.

I have revealed this to you because I want you to know how much we (Noel, Norah and I) want you to join us in heaven on earth.  Our thoughts are above yours.  As are our actions.  Please don't presume to know more than us.  One day you will come to the understanding of all I have conveyed, you will see the Light and on that day you will give yourself over fully to God.  The question is, when will that day be?

The question of how is simple. Follow Christ's instructions, sell everything you have and give to the poor.  Then give your talents to G3, give your energy and days to bringing heaven to earth.  

On December 25, 2003, God gave the name; 'Come Away With Me...the ongoing story of the life of Ross Harvey' to this journey which is less about me as it is about you.  Elvis, John and Michael are calling you to this place.  Noel, Norah and I are calling you. Listen to your heart.  Listen to God.  

Come away with me (Us)...

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