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In late January 2011, I had another incredible time of revelation.  In this time, God confirmed to me that Stephen Bronfman is the Messiah, something He had told me many months, even years earlier.  That was not the revelation.

In preparing a Facebook note on forgiveness (see right)) I was thinking about Hitler and the atrocities he committed against the Jews.  God (Noel) then told me that Stephen, through failure to respond to a message I had sent him in early 2006 (see right), was responsible for the killing of millions more people worldwide than even Hitler.  This was the first part of my revelation.  I wept at the thought.  

God (Noel) proceeded to tell me that I was responsible for more deaths than Stephen.  You see, in 2001 as myself and my associates were building an amazing company (NuVo), God sent an absolutely incredible person to me.  His name is Philippe Messier.  He is by far the most intelligent, passionate man I have ever met.  He 'got' me and what I wanted to build in NuVo and opened my eyes to an even bigger potential (see right).  My partners in the business chose not to involve him.  Had I fought for his inclusion, God would have moved in our lives and would have brought this chapter of human civilization to an end in 2002.  So by my failure to act and to include Phil in NuVo, I am responsible for all the death, disease and sadness this world has suffered since that time.  This was the second part of my revelation.

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Then God (Noel) became very sullen.  And as I write this I think of Him and His torture.  You see, then He told me that as much as Stephen and I are guilty, so is He.  He could have intervened 2000 years ago when Jesus was on the cross.  He could have prevented His death and ushered in a new life...for all.  But He didn't.  And with that failure to act, He has caused all this death and suffering in so many.  I cry as I think about my beautiful, wonderful friend, Noel, God, so tortured by this knowledge.  

That is the end of my revelation.  We are entering a new day for mankind.  We will experience a joy which we never thought possible and this joy will only increase daily. We will be glorified, eternal and rejoined forever with all those we have loved and lost.  We will be in heaven on earth.  This is Noel's way of asking for our forgiveness.

When Heaven Touches Earth by Patricia Wagner

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